I offer a complete range of services from site analysis to construction documents. Every project is unique and will be estimated based on careful consideration of scope and specific requirements. Location is studied in great depth in order to respond to the environment both in form and function.

Site Planning

  • Detailed analysis of existing conditions
  • Conceptual design for programming elements and land use
  • Documents for permitting and zoning approval
  • Solutions that will ultimately respect the environment and enhance natural features

Architectural Design

  • Initial comprehensive understanding of the project: codes, client aspirations, program
  • Schematic design to generate a concept that will meet all requirements and be an imaginative response to the site and program
  • Design phase to achieve a programmatic and structural solution
  • Construction documents to provide a full set of detailed drawings for permitting and bidding.
  • Construction administration which involves close site observation

Sustainable Design

  • All projects focus on environmental responsibility
  • A strategy is developed which is always unique for each site’s natural features
  • The LEED rating system may be applied as a structured approach to meeting sustainable goals

Product Design

  • Custom design to complement any building project
  • This includes items such as light fixtures and furniture